The top concern of CEOs is hiring the right tech talent

20/11/20 01:59

Technology has an extremely high expectation that leads to idealism. Normally, people think of a 25-year-old Mark Zuckerberg when he creates Facebook. That's a very unrealistic insight and can be deterrent barries for anyone wanting to work for a company.

High demand for changing skill sets based on digital transformation also requires leaders of organizations to be knowledgeable and forward-thinking about who they hire. From the first phase of building relationships, recruiting, interviewing to reviewing the right skill set, there's usually a ceaseless challenge to finding the right person.

If you are struggling, follow these tips below:

  • Conduct an interview procedure that shows your company's aspirations and reflect the existent skills of the interviewee.
  • Go beyond and exceed expectations of the traditional recruiting process
  • Reach out to individuals who can add a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and valuable skills to your company
  • Ask about soft skills when identifying the ideal candidate

Besides, the top enterprise uses a variety of strategies to deal with the recruiting dilemma, There is an increased focus on shifting to tech managers who know the magic that will attract the right candidates in their way. 

A Survey of Pricewaterhouse Coopers has identified that the top concern of CEOs, C-level executives, Directors, and Managers are hiring tech talent. When leaders compete in the tough markets, they want to have the best employee list that should take precedence. They don’t want to see the problem as lacking available talent, due to the fierce competition between tech companies and the changing nature of the hiring process.

Technology talent recruitment is a top concern for large and small companies as well. Vice president of Hudson RPO, Tony Martin explained why large and small companies are not doing the best job of attracting talent like before. 

"Hiring the person who is fitted well for a position is more than just matching their skill set to a job list. Actually, smart recruiters are seeking the top qualities that are hunting on the tech industry and apply those strengths to their specific hiring needs”, he said. 

To begin your recruitment plan, it is important to be transparent about tech talent’s role inside your company. Write a job description is not enough, you will find a lot of specs that candidates will need to "work hard" and "have an impact on." In the interview process, ensure communicating a clear sense of purpose and work-life balance for your candidates. 

Different from other talents in some industries (real estate, finance, fashion, and education…), top tech workers don't want a good salary only. All tech candidates want to understand the totality of a position, then they will be more confident about their experiences and what the job offers them. They appreciate that recruiters share more information beyond a simple job description.

Accordingly, finding tech talent includes a focused and strong training strategy. It also helps companies understand what's important to tech talent and their’s career goals. For example, younger generations are looking for more meaning and flexibility from their work life. In such a strong economy, your organization must continue to find ways to fill roles in a context where potential employees have a variety of workplace choices and are picky about what their tasks will look like in a real environment.

A recent report recommends companies modify their interviewing process to take the right approach. As the time spent on interviews has nearly doubled since 2009, companies achieve better results with fewer and more consistent interviews. 

Source: Internet


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