Save time to approach superb tech candidates with social media skills

22/11/20 06:01

The average millennials have more than three social media accounts. Young generation are going to Facebook, Instagram and other channels to make connections with other people who share same interests as they have.

Tech candidates are not likely to be found through the traditional methods of sourcing talent such as website, email or newsletter. With social media, it’s easier to find tech candidates. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook allows you to find and invite candidates to follow your pages. Within a few clicks, you can quickly converse with potential candidates as they hang out online regularly.

Although tech recruiters are utilizing social media to search for programmers, most of them aren’t making the most of it. But in this post, we show you how to approach your potential tech talent through social media.

1. LinkedIn groups

The most effective way to connect with tech talent on social media is to know where hidden developers hanging out, so you can interact with them by starting the right conversations. Through LinkedIn, you can participate in human resource groups. Then, use relevant tech industries’ hashtags to ensure that the tech talent you wish to hire can see your job vacancy.

And importantly, LinkedIn can help you separate aggressive candidates. Avoid wasting your time on a person with a bad attitude after studying at what they’re sharing online.

2. Influencers

Job seekers usually search for new career opportunities through social networks. To reach out for them, consider engaging with KOLs and influencers. Most successful brands do this as part of their marketing strategy. Learn from other brand’s case studies to improve your social media presence.   

Inspire influencers who are willing to re-share content in tech industry. These are the types of people you want to have in your friend list and build relationships with, so you can extend the reach of your job openings messages.

3. Niche Networks

Even if most internet users are going to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can easily search potential tech candidates when screening niche networks. You must also look into calling and messaging apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Zalo... These applications are the great places where developers contact their friends and colleagues. Skype is also an ideal place where tech marketers hang out and share their ideas.

4. Social Media Advertising

Repeating job alerts across your Facebook pages or Instagram feeds is not the only way to find top talent. There is a reason why most companies stop spamming their network, because they think it will make their brand look desperate.

Another reason is that people don’t want to see their social media feeds clogged with a barrage of job postings. It will harm your ability to attract candidates. If you can spare the budget for job ad, get advice from the specialists to run your PPC campaign on social media.

5. Share Your Job Openings

Ask your co-workers to re-share your job posts. Doing so will widen your reach to job seekers.

Your friends and colleagues may have strict rules about the use of social media, but they will help you anyway. However, you can allow them to talk about their experiences while working with your company in a responsible manner. Therefore, other people can spread good words about your hiring announcement.

6. Videos

Building relationship on social media require telling stories through videos. One of the many ways to do this is to share recruitment videos that feature your staff and working environment. You can also design and create engaging infographics that can include information about your job descriptions. Keep the hiring process sound interesting by adding appealing images.

7. Facebook’s tools

Do you know Facebook is one of the social networking site that provides an easy and affordable way to improve your applicant pool? If not, begin using this tip to increase your candidate databases.

With Facebook’s tool, you don’t have to be worry about the budget because it is free. You can add the basic information about the job and add it to the right category, title, and description.

Nowadays you can have more chances to reach out to passive candidates who are not actively looking for new career opportunities.

Social media allows you to look at the person’s work history without having to look at a resume. Moreover, you’ll know if the candidate has experience for the job before you even reach out to them. By looking at your network’s posts, you can learn about their skills, strengths and know about their objectives.

Source: Zippia


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