How to hire a web developer if you don’t know the size of your project?

22/11/20 12:33

It is not strange if you want to hire a web developer but you still don’t know the size of your project. Because tech industry is sophisticated and changing very quick, and no one advice you to do the recruitment tasks in a right way. There are many directions as well as options to choose from in the digital age.

In this this article, you will figure out how to find a web developer for your project and getting it done without exceeding the budget. 

Firstly, follow simple questions below:

  • A web developer or dedicated web development team is matched with your project’s objective?
  • What are the reason to find a website programmer?
  • Should you add an application form to your landing page?

Secondly, web development projects are defined by size and goals. how big is your project size? Small, medium or large project? At the very beginning of your search, you need to decide what kind of web development project you need a developer for.

Below, we have collected the most common descriptions of small, medium, and big-sized web projects:

  • A simple web project refers to creating an uncomplicated website, or adding simple features to the existing one. These features might include an application form, a call-to-action button, a new layout design, a subscription button, and so on. 
  • Medium web projects cover different project types, including the development of static or dynamic web apps, online shop, and other function that require integration of third-party services such as CRM, CMS, databases, Chatbot, APIs, and others. 
  • Large-sized web projects is related to projects such as a video sharing social media app or social networks that require, not only a bunch of advanced technologies, but also integration with cloud hosting servers to store all their user data. 

Since project scopes and situations can be more complicated, you also need to determine your specific business challenges.

Thirdly, why do you need to hire a web developer?

Our experience show that customers are looking for a web developer in the following three cases.

Case 1: You wish to build a project from scratch, which is a regular situation for small-scale organizations and start-ups. The main purpose for business is to discover their final goals shortly. To complete your objectives, they need to work with an outsourcing web development team to save time and money. At the same time, existing businesses that want to automate some business processes may choose between in-house or a dedicated web development team. 

Case 2: You are planning to expand your in-house team with an extra specialist to support your ongoing project. In this case, you can choose among recruiting a freelance web developer, or outsourcing a developer specialist through a web development agency for some particular period.  

Case 3: You need to hire a programmer who have the skills that nobody in your in-house dev team has the same. Unless you want to wait for your developers to learn it, you can reach out to a web programmer from an outsourcing agency who already knows said technology. 

Finally, just keep it simple and make everyone happy with your kind manner. You will find the best way to reach the right candidate for your project as soon as clarifying your goals from the beginning.

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