5 tips to find the right developer as quickly and efficiently as possible

19/11/20 08:26

Hiring a developer depends on many aspects as your job descriptions, requirements, and how long it takes to find the right tech talent. However, if you don't know where to start looking for this elusive talent, your developer finding process might be difficult than usual. So the tensions are on - you need to fill the required positions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Being stressful will not help in this situation. On the other hand, the strategies to find the right person are very clear: find competent people, appreciate them, and identify their career objectives. Go deeper and make a win-win connection. Here are some tips for attracting top tech talent:

1. Develop your referral network

It's not necessary to organize a workshop/ event with lots of incentives if you don’t have enough time and effort to make a referral marketing program.

Try a simple way: asking peers about the great tech experts in their network. Recent studies show that there are two main benefits for referrers which are shorter hiring time and higher employee retention rates compared to those who applied under job ads.

2. Apply effective sourcing tools

If you are wondering how to attract a tech talent that meets your desired criteria, try to use candidate sourcing tools on the internet.

Divide your sourcing needs into specialized categories such as college students and recent graduates, for when you’re looking for fresh young talent and new ideas. Then define and run your own search (by skill or position) or using AI-assisted technology to fill the path for you.

3. Use a platform for tech talent

Companies are turning to remote work as a solution for the Covid-19 pandemic. As we look towards the next year, encryption platforms like Codility and other evaluation providers (Criteria Corp, Indeed Assessments, etc.) can help identify the best tech workers more efficiently (and in terms of objective side).

These recruiting software have integrated useful evaluation tools to keep your results and candidates in one place.

4. Find where candidates “play”

Linkedin is the first platform that comes to mind of everyone. But there are other options for recruiters to choose from. According to Stack Overflow’s survey, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit are the most used platforms by tech people. On these platforms, you can share your hiring information by starting to create an official fan page and post authentic content.

In addition, focus on building and fostering relationships with the potential tech candidates. Begin to share attractive content to enhance your employer brand in their eyes. This will make it much easier to hire a developer that meets your company's needs.

5. Discuss the topics that are essential to the candidate

Whether you're connecting with candidates, pitching your company, or building a strategy for your recruiting teams to use, make sure you talk to tech people who want to know about it.

For example, make sure you have a compelling career page on Linkedin, Facebook, or Zalo. Your online presence can also help tech candidates better understand job descriptions, application requirements, and important steps to achieve their dream work.

If you follow these tips above, your developer hiring process could become a lot easier. Make sure you also provide the candidate with useful experience, detailed technical responsibilities, and a positive manner.

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