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What is a 360° marketing campaign?

360° marketing is a form of holistic marketing that spreads across multiple platforms, using a mix of brand elements, but catering to a singular central idea. In other words, when a brand employs a marketing strategy that covers television, internet platforms, billboards, product packaging, and other traditional media; and all these campaigns are tied together by a central advertising element, it is known as a 360° marketing campaign.

When to use 360° campaign?

Following are a list of business conditions when a 360° marketing approach may be considered as profitable.

Rebranding Strategy

When a brand wants to present a completely new image of itself to the target market, a 360-degree campaign helps them turn over a new leaf in the consumer psyche

Prioritize Campaigns

A brand is often required to present a marketing campaign during holiday seasons or for specific events. In such cases this campaign takes priority over their other campaigns and can integrate the 360° approach.

Building Brand Image

When a new brand is launched into the market it is highly effective to use a single marketing element in all of its campaigns thereby using the 360° marketing approach.

Market a New Product or Service

New product launches are a perfect time to employ 360° campaign-based marketing strategies since they divert all of the consumer attention to the new product or service.

Revive less Performed Products

It often happens that a product under-performs in the market due to poor marketing. A 360 marketing campaign can help bring it back on track and boost sales.

Building a Profitable 360 Marketing Campaign

These are the platforms one should concentrate on while building a 360° campaign.


Every brand has a website, and if they don’t it is absolutely important to get one created immediately. Since a website serves as the primary identity of a brand, every 360-degree campaign should integrate the website into it and also link it to the other campaigns. For retailers, the same strategy can be applied to their eCommerce stores.

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Content Marketing

Content is one of the most necessary forms of marketing, and this is where the 360 marketing idea is solidified. During the campaign period all forms of content, both marketing and non-marketing oriented, should contain the 360 approach.

Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram become an integral part of any 360° marketing campaign. This is where a brand can target their audience and build a follower base for their marketing idea. For new brands these are platforms where the most amount of brand awareness is created.

Traditional Marketing

Billboards, newspapers, radio and TV ads, etc. are platforms that cater a huge amount of consumer base and thus should be incorporated into your 360° marketing campaign. They also provide you access to local markets and thus enable the marketing idea to establish a local following.

Events and Seasonal Marketing

Events such as a sports competition or holidays such as Christmas or Easter should be preferably incorporated into a 360° marketing campaign in order to better connect with the people. These events and holidays are accepted by communities across multiple verticals and by associating your marketing campaign with them you will be able to build a stronger brand image.

360 Marketing Campaign Examples

Dunkin’ Donuts 360 Campaign

When Dunkin’ Donuts launched their own ordering app; they employed a 360° marketing campaign to ensure that it reaches maximum market potential. And truly enough, the app was quite successful when it was launched. They created a promotional video which was the centerpiece of the campaign, and all of their marketing was based around it.

Coca Cola ‘summer of Sharing’ Campaign

For the first time in its over century-long existence, Coca Cola chose to replace its logo on the bottle with common names of people. The tagline above the name contained the brand logo and read ‘Share a Coca Cola with’ followed by the person’s name in the center of the packaging label. They crafted all of their marketing to a similar theme of sharing a cold Coke in the summer and it was a massive success for the brand.

Burger King ‘Proud Whooper’ Product Launch

Using the LGBTQ theme, Burger King re-launched their Whooper burger with a rainbow packaging. The inside of the packaging read ‘we are all the same inside’ to promote communal harmony towards members of the queer community. This was done on the heels of the San Francisco Pride Walk, and all of their marketing was also themed around promoting inclusivity.

By Umar Farooq

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