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Why Data Analyst is career aspiration of young people?

18/11/20 14:54

Young workers or first jobbers are also adapted to work more effortlessly with a collaborative spirit and respond effectively to their working conditions, even in situations where things do not go as planned.

Data Analyst - the profession of the digital age

The attractiveness of the Data Analyst career among young people is formed by digital advancement.

Data Analyst’s work focuses on collecting, exploiting, and processing database to produce observational results, uncover potential opportunities, and make a prediction about a business's growth potential.

The advent of the digital age’s concept also shows that data is dominating every aspect of life. Data is collected on social networks, websites, messaging applications, or through surveys about customer opinions. Today, smart businesses understand that consumers have different needs. Therefore, Data Analyst helps business leaders grasp the real situation to make informed and right decisions.

“With such a large amount of data, it is necessary to have at least one person capable of synthesizing, analyzing, and interpreting data to produce the most concise and practical information for the organization to grow in the right direction. Even the Government needs Data Analyst to advise the appropriate policy or make decisions for the country (we are witnessing this through the COVID-19 pandemic around the world)”, said Chi Nguyen - Data Analyst at Penn State University.

While Data Analyst is one of the most important positions in the digital age, it also attracts a lot of young talent with the below advantages:

1. Quicker and simpler start compared to other positions

As one of the "fertile" fields to develop career opportunities, Data Analysis roles provide many great slots for new graduates or young workers who are eager to start quickly after recognizing their love of telling stories behind the numbers.

Besides, IT industry welcomes all young talent who have the natural desire to work as a professional analyst in an organization, and more importantly, to take their analytics passion and make it into successful careers.

2. Demand for young employees in Data Analytics

Top organizations want to acquire young leaders - those who can speak confidently, listen well, make decisions based on critical analysis, and lead by example. However, the Data Analyst job market is facing shortage for young professionals, so organizations are on the lookout for this rare industry.

Young generation is expected to meet the rigorous needs of the recruitment market, and to prepare the necessary skills in advance to avoid being overwhelmed in real environment.

3. Potential of a narrow range

You may already hear all about Big Data and the story behind it, but do you know Data Analytics are changing the way people work in the real world? Business generates all sorts of data from machine data associated to customer purchasing trends and emails. Actually, Data Analytics help reshape traditional industries such as Banking, Real Estate, Telco and Healthcare

Becoming a Data Analyst is a dream for young people to have a wide variety of experience in different companies and industries.

4. Competitive salary

It is estimated that from now to 2020, the information technology sector will need about 240,000 employees, equivalent to 80,000 people per year. However, there are only 32,000 students graduated from information technology and related majors. Because of this serious shortage of employee resources, Data Analysis is considered one of the top of mind industries for young people today.

5. Multi-disciplinary opportunities

Choosing a career in Data Analysis, young people have the opportunity to expand careers that match their skills and interests with the requirements of efficiency optimization from many industries including health care, education, retail, and even real estate.

Well-known brands such as Software AG, Oracle Corporation, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, EMC, HP, and Dell have invested more than $ 15 billion in software data management analytics companies, increasing demand for analytics experts in many different industries and fields.

In addition, this is a role that assists the top management of an organization, who will depend on the advice of Data Analyst to make critical business decisions.

Data Analyst also has the access to conversion channels, helping brands create personalized marketing tactics to build customer loyalty. Especially for B2B companies, Data Analyst provides customer insights to eliminate the risk of guesswork and build a user-oriented experience.

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