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07/04/23 09:33

Artificial intelligence (AI) has  touched every part of our lives, and we now have various AI tools at our disposal that may help us with a variety of daily tasks. These artificial intelligence technologies can help you streamline your work procedures, boost productivity, and simplify your life. Here are a few examples of AI tools:


Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant that provides real-time grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style recommendations to help users become better writers. It also has a plagiarism checker. The app is available in desktop, mobile, and online editions. For everyone who writes frequently, Grammarly can make life simpler.


Crystal AI aids in the enhancement of interpersonal communication. It can help to avoid miscommunications and ensure that messages are understood correctly by providing personalized communication guidance depending on a person's personality type. It may offer personality-based suggestions for every email, phone call, and meeting. It provides sales reps, recruiters, and executives with powerful tools to speed important encounters by leveraging industry-leading personality data.


Otter.ai is an AI-powered transcription tool that can transform audio and video recordings into text. It also makes discussions easier to follow because it recognizes speakers and distinguishes between distinct voices. It is an excellent tool for students, professionals, and anybody who needs to take notes quickly and accurately because it can transcribe conversations, interviews, and lectures, capture slides automatically, and generate summaries in real time.


Waze is a GPS navigation app that gives users turn-by-turn instructions to get where they’re going. Waze collects data from its users in order to provide real-time traffic and road information. Users can report accidents, gridlock, road closures, and other happenings, which are then used to update the app's maps and provide more precise navigation recommendations.


Duolingo is a free language learning program that employs artificial intelligence to help users learn a new language. Duolingo's engaging, amusing, and gamified courses are designed with user engagement in mind. A combination of AI-powered elements is used to tailor each user's language learning. It is one of the most popular language-learning apps in the world, with courses available in over 40 languages. 


The Beautiful.ai platform, which employs generative AI, allows users to rapidly and easily produce presentations with a professional appearance and eye-catching images. Users can select from a variety of pre-designed templates and enter their content; the platform will then automatically change the style and formatting to produce a professional and uniform look. It reduces inefficient processes that impede productivity, allowing employees to focus on more important duties.


Canva is a free graphic design software that uses artificial intelligence to provide design suggestions that can help businesses and individuals come up with designs that match their unique ideas. Users can customize a range of templates and design elements to create professional-looking designs. Users can easily drag and drop elements into the canvas, customize them, share their creations, and collaborate with others thanks to the tool's user-friendly interface.


Brain.fm is a one-of-a-kind AI-powered music platform that helps users focus, relax, and sleep better. It employs advanced algorithms and approaches such as auditory driving and cross-modal perception to create music that is tailored to the demands of the listener. It achieves this by synchronizing the electrical activity of the brain with the frequency of the music. Users can use the platform's song library to help with tasks such as meditation, work, sleep, and study.


GoCharlie is an AI-powered content generator that helps organizations create high-quality images, influencer posts, ads, and blogs. It can generate captivating photos and videos for websites and social media, as well as blogs with more than 1500 words, social media captions, and so on. The user must choose a use case, enter some information, and the system will generate material for them automatically. It provides a free 10-day trial as well as a $39 monthly membership.


Mem is a free AI-powered workspace that boosts productivity, boosts creativity, and automates mundane tasks. It offers users a one-of-a-kind and personalized experience. Mem's intelligent notifications and tailored insights help customers retain attention and on-task behavior while minimizing distractions. Furthermore, Mem's artificial intelligence enhances their creativity by assisting them in locating relevant information and content partners.


Nowadays, content is dispersed across our inboxes, news websites, and social media platforms. Waverly screens all newsletters, blogs, and specialized publications to provide users with only the information they require in a distraction-free reading environment. It includes capabilities for content sharing as well as highlighting, annotating, and summarizing articles. It can also limit users' reading duration and recommend additional articles based on their previous reading habits.


Heyday is an AI-powered memory helper that brings back  forgotten content while you browse the web. Because it automatically stores pages one visits and resurfaces them alongside search results, it is a useful tool for someone who frequently has to remember to bookmark or document items they want to remember. It also helps you stay organized by reminding you of upcoming activities and deadlines. It might be integrated with apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Gmail.


Deep Nostalgia by MyHeritage is an AI tool that uses deep learning algorithms to animate still images and generate a video in which the subject of the shot appears to move and blink realistically. To animate a static image, it employs a pre-trained deep neural network. By supporting users in bringing their family history to life, the application hopes to establish a closer emotional relationship between users and their ancestors.


Flair.ai is an AI-powered branded content design platform. It has a drag-and-drop interface as well as intelligent prompt recommendations. It is easy to use and manage, with a sleek, appealing design. It evaluates your data automatically using machine learning techniques and recommends the most effective visuals. It is ideal for data analysis teams or departments since it allows multiple users to collaborate on a project in real time.



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