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The future of design: more than just graphics and interfaces

18/11/20 15:01

The design has changed the perspective of any problem, and in the near future, it will change even more radically. Find out some thoughts on how the design field will change, and the question is, are we ready to approach this design future?

Not just design

Most people consider graphic, industrial, interactive design, and crafts as popular design fields. But now we’re starting to see that definition of design is being used everywhere. The design will be just more than graphics and interfaces. One such example is organizational design, thinking about anything from the design of culture within an organization to how those organizations are designed themselves in terms of the structure, working, spaces, and everything else.

If we are tackling today's challenges, through journey maps, empathy maps, and MVP, we probably won't focus on the far future. The future of design is not about today's problems, it includes tools and methodologies that come from the strategic vision and future thinking, such as scenario planning, trend mapping, system thinking tools which not only improves user experience with his current flow but guides the user into a better user experience flow using the design itself.

Design in the future won’t make the user feel comfortable by making whatever he does simpler. It would take the user into a different and more comfortable path which he doesn’t know.

 Designers become Corporates

We need to brainstorm and use constructive criticism to find the best and worst ideas. This process means we are the owner behind the innovative idea, whether it comes from the company's oldest designer or the newest designer. Some companies in the corporate world don't think so. They are hierarchical, preventing change, and creative progress from younger people. As design becomes an integral part of large corporations and enterprises, we need to integrate this element of standardization of design thinking into the way we work to continue to grow.

We need to prepare for the transformative nature of the industry to create a stronger design for the future. We tend to be humble people who are more interested in making an impact on our work than combining politics or making money. The fact that we are working more and more in the corporate world means that we will have to learn communication skills. We tend to lose our voice in the corporate environment, so we need to be better at speaking out our thoughts and presenting our opinions. By adopting clear communication, we balance our modesty and isolation with the need to present our work in greater confidence and dignity.

Robots and Designers

The entire field of AI is expanding exponentially and designing for robots would be a routine in the future. So, are we ready for it? Since AI-driven parametric technology allows designers to create millions of variations of a design quickly and easily, most of our productivity will increase dramatically. Suddenly, we'll be able to explore the vast amount of alternative directions in a fraction of the time we need today.

Moreover, the tech community is expanding at a furious pace, but the available capabilities of designers have not been able to keep up with the change. We need designers who can push the limits of design and to keep a constant focus on innovation and create designs that prepare for the future. As long as AI remains more logical and less creative, designers won't need to worry about AI taking over their work.

Source: UX Design


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