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Short guide to understand QA, QC and Testing

20/11/20 23:03

For some businesses, ensuring quality enables products to attract customers and makes an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability. If the product is not working properly, then its issue needs to be fixed or eliminated in order to meet the highest standards. 

QA, QC, and Testing

Although they are related and to some extent, they can be considered similar activities, but there are distinctions that make them different. The following table lists the distinguishing points of QA, QC, and Testing.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control


A set of activities designed to ensure that the development and/or maintenance process is adequate to ensure a system will meet its objectives.

It includes activities that ensure the verification of developed software with respect to documented (or not in some cases) requirements.

The process of executing a system with the intent of finding defects.

Focuses on how a process is performed or how a product is made.

Focuses on the inspection aspect of quality management

Focuses on actual testing.

Process-oriented activities.

Product-oriented activities.

Product-oriented activities.

Preventive activities.

It is a corrective process.

It is a preventive process.

It is a subset of the Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).

QC can be considered as a subset of Quality Assurance.

Testing is a subset of Quality Control.

Among the above lists, QC has been adopted across the world by organizations and employees to strive for perfections:

The responsibilities of QC are included:

  • Software quality control at every stage using industry-appropriate methods, such as testing specifications, and compliance with standard development/production processes
  • Consider the customer's requirements and designs
  • Review plans and test cases throughout the process
  • Record results of testing and analyze quality database through detailed reports and summaries
  • Propose software quality improvement
  • Monitor and use quality control tools effectively
  • Find solutions to quality problems on time
  • Audit and Inspection

Audit - systematized process to find out how the actual testing process is run within an organization or a team. Basically, it is an independent exam of processes required during the testing of software. According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), it is a review of documented processes that organizations apply and follow. There are a variety of different types including Legal Compliance Audit, Internal Audit, and System Audit.

Inspection - a common technique that involves a formal or informal technical review of any artifact by recognizing any bugs or vulnerabilities. As per IEEE94, testing is a formal inspected technique in which qualifications, designs, or software code are studied thoroughly by a person or group other than the author to identify errors, violating standards, development, and other issues.

Formal review meetings may include the following processes: Planning, Overview Preparation, Test Meetings, Rework, and Follow-ups.

Testing and debugging

Testing - the process of acknowledging errors/ bugs/ faults involves in software testing without correcting them. Usually, experts with a quality assurance background will be responsible for the identity of software mistakes. Testing tasks are executed in the test phase.

Debugging - the process of finding and repairing problems/ errors within a computer program. The software coder will begin debugging when an error is encountered in the code. Being part of White Box Testing or Unit Testing, the debugging action can be completed in the development phase while performing Unit Testing or in phases while resolving detected bugs.

QA QC and Testing are different from each other and required as components of quality management. They should not be misunderstood as equivalent terms and are standards that need to follow to satisfy the customer demands.

Source: Tutorial Points


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