Công ty Cổ phần Deha Việt Nam

Tòa Intracom, Số 82 Dịch Vọng Hậu, Cầu Giấy


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  • Trụ sở chính: Tòa Intracom, Số 82 Dịch Vọng Hậu, Cầu Giấy

Giới Thiệu

DEHA (DELIVERING HAPPINESS) is founded by a passionate, talented and experienced team of four co-founders. With the accumulation of nearly 30 years experience providing diversified services to numerous clients from Japan, USA and Vietnam, we saw that most of us just want to get the job done instead of solving the meaningful problems. We empathize deeply that most of us demand more. We want to meet the real expectation after each job. Hence we can build up sustainable trust and happiness. It could be the awesome lines of codes, wise advices, excellent services, successful projects with high standard, or extraordinary results, we always strive to co-create and deliver the truly happiness.