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About Brighton Investments

Brighton Investments is a social- first investment firm, founded in December, 2019 by young entrepreneurs that not capitalize only on purely profit-driven projects but also maximize social value impact, creating sustainable values by integrating ESG (E – Environmental, S – Social, and G – Governance) concerns in a wide range of investments.

The core business of Brighton Investments is FMCG Retail. We work with our suppliers to offer high quality, responsibly sourced products and delight our customers through this outstanding product quality and unrivalled service. Everyday we strive to be a better business for everyone – partners, customers, suppliers, our communities and the environment in which we live, work and source our products.

Our core values:

· Compassion – observe, listen, understand and assist

· Excellence – good is not enough

· Integrity – honour our commitments to those we serve

· Growth – embrace opportunities to learn and improve

· Innovative – be innovative, curious and adventurous

· Responsibility – take personal accountability for our actions and results

Join us for being a part of something exciting!