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Blue Otter Viet Nam, headquartered in Da Nang, is an entity of Blue Otter Corporation, an independent software agency based in Silicon Valley, the U.S. We partner with clients in bringing ideas from concept to market.

Blue Otter started with 2 founders in the U.S since 2010 and focused on Quality Assurance service then we add Development and Design services in 2015 and reached to $1.8 million. We formed Blue Otter Viet Nam in 2017 for our new product for Viet Nam market and since 2019 we transformed to IT service company and in 2021 we were re-born named Blue Otter Technology Services LLC. Our business includes:

IT services: UX UI Design, Development, Quality Assurance

In-house products: F&B industry

Our team brings to our clients not only the services they require for, but also we bring the accountabilities, boldness and imaginations in any things we do.

As a people-oriented company, we aim to bring the most unique and friendly working experience to our employees. Day by day, we provide our brothers and sisters chances to develop themself, learn and share, understand and increase the team spirit, ...