Resolving Customer Complaints


When a dispute arises, HR1Tech Joint Stock Company promotes a negotiating and mediating solution between the parties to maintain the member's trust in the service quality of the Company and follow the following steps:

+ Step 1: Members reflect on website services provided, return incorrect job posting information ... via email:

+ Step 2: Customer Care Department or Sales Department of the Company will receive feedback from members. These Departments proactively resolve quickly and respond to the results of complaint settlement on the basis of the policies announced by the Company.

+ Step 3: Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the Company will take appropriate measures in case the two parties cannot reach a common voice through negotiation. The company will bring this case to the competent state agency to resolve according to the law., employers and job seekers are responsible for receiving complaints and assisting job seekers or employers related to the job content posted above website

Time to resolve complaints within 3 days from the date of receiving complaints.

Submit a complaint at:

HR1Tech Joint Stock Company


Hotline: (0283) 9 252 566

Email: respects and strictly abides by the laws on the protection of the rights of job seekers. Therefore, it is suggested that members post job vacancies on the floor to provide complete, accurate, truthful and detailed information related to the job content. All frauds and frauds are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.

The parties include job seekers, employers will have a responsible role in actively solving problems. Employers should be responsible for providing documents to certify information related to the incident that is causing conflict with job seekers. will be responsible for providing information relating to job seekers and employers if required by either party (relating to that dispute).
After the job seeker, the employer who has settled the dispute, has the responsibility to report it to the management board of In the case of a transaction that arises contradictory and the error belongs to the employer: will take measures to warn, lock the account or transfer it to the competent law authority depending on the severity of the mistake. will terminate and remove all content of that employer's job on

If through the form of agreement, it is still not possible to resolve the conflict arising from the transaction between the two parties of job seekers and recruiters, either party will have the right to resort to competent law enforcement agencies. card to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties.

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