• Attractive salary & benefits

  • Creative, dynamic, friendly working environment.

  • On job training given by our IT experts

Job Description

  • Write and maintain HTML, CS, JS code for Media Content Streaming Services: OnDemandKorea, OnDemandChina, OnDemandLatino
  • Develop and maintain the front-end of various back offices necessary for the operation of the sites
  • Work on continuous improvement, such as optimizing the performance of web applications that have already been developed
  • Create a well-functioning web application across various devices (e.g. desktop, tablet PC, mobile smart TV)
  • Respect for autonomous judgement and decisions about work
  • Code review culture: All code is reviewed within the team through an online tool.
  • Voluntarily organized small groups (HTML/CSS training, various studies) to strengthen core developer skills.
  • Working directly with Korea's Engineer team.


Working location: 5th floor, 8 Nguyen Gia Tri street, ward 25, Binh Thanh district, HCM


Working time: 40 flexible working hours per week from Monday to Friday

Job Requirement

  • 5+ years of experience in front-end
  • General understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Understanding of the linguistic aspects of JavaScript and ES6+
  • Understanding of REST API and Network
  • Knowledge of how browsers work and Cross Platform
  • Good English communication
  • Horizontal (cultural) communication and effective cross-departmental communication skills



  • Experience using modern JavaScript libraries and frameworks (e.g. React, Vue, Angular)
  • Understanding and development experience of Single Page Application
  • Understanding and development experience on bundlers (e.g. webpack, parcel)
  • Experience writing test code using Mocha, Jest, etc.
  • Experience applying TypeScript to real projects
  • Experience in making incremental improvements to legacy code
  • Experience using global state management libraries (Redux, Mobx, etc) and related middleware (redux-saga, redux-observable, etc)
  • Experience using CSS Preprocessor (Sass, Less, etc)
  • Understanding and experience in improvement and application of web standards and web accessibility
  • Experience related to development of video streaming service
  • Experience using Next.js and GraphQL

ODK Media

  • Company size:
    20 - 49
  • Your address:
    215 Nguyễn Gia Trí, Phường 25, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh, Hồ Chí Minh
  • Website:

Since being incorporated in December of 2011, ODK Media has risen to become the standard of integrity in the online media industry, with its commitment and user-oriented service and platform. With a reach to over 36 countries around the world, ODK Media strives to transform and innovate this ever-changing media and entertainment world.

ODK Media

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